Surrounded by gentle sounds

Crossing many a frontier: F. M. Woschek live in the Marstall

In his songs, every note lives its own life and at the same time lives for the piece as a whole. Woschek takes time and allows a note to swell up slowly, and then die away again. His music thus takes on a very spatial effect, so that the listener genuinely feels surrounded by gentle sounds. He himself seems to tremble, in body, mind, and spirit, in harmony with his music while he is singing or playing his many different instruments. With Woschek, even the silence into which he releases the notes - and which is never interrupted by applause - takes on a special significance. He believes that it is an integral and elemental part of the music. "The divine reveals itself in silence," he explains.
He brings the various world religions together in his music, and believes that they all exist together as one entity. His repertoire thus includes Buddhist mantras, Gregorian chant, and Indian and Jewish folk music. Despite his spiritual subject, Woschek remains very free, so that his guests can easily be carried along in the joy of joining in the singing.

Bettina Augustin