Melodies of the Heart and Stillness

Filled religious spirituality: Woschek live in the Marstall. This unusual musician places his music in the service of religious spirituality, but without favouring any one religion in the process. Woschek carries his listeners away into the spheres of Indian religiosity with mantra-like singing. He aims to create a mood jointly with his audience so that they can absorb the depths of his melodies of the heart, as he calls his songs, and can allow them to continue to resonate within them in tranquillity and in the musical pauses and on and so on. Woschek invokes these notes as if from other spheres, as if they were being created not in his vocal chords but from the space surrounding him. He allows gentle sounds to swell up and mingle with other sounds so that he can send them back into the space they came from and listen to them reverberating away. He allows sound to be sound, and does not falsify it with too many complex surrounding.He allows sound to be sound, and does not falsify it with too many complex surrounding. sound formations. Their quality, in his view, comes from their being so light and so simple. For all their simplicity, his songs are full of variety, ranging from Gregorian chant in the pentatonic scale to Jewish songs and Islamic hymns. Old Testament psalms also form part of his wide-ranging repertoire. This artist succeeds in creating understanding between religions, and in opening people's hearts towards other cultures.

Crossing many a frontier: F. M. Woschek live in the Marstall